Accuity LLP IV&V Team for the State of Hawaii Disability Compensation Division (DCD) Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) Modernization Project – Electronic Case Management System (eCMS)
The State of Hawaii, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) contracted DataHouse Consulting, Inc. (DataHouse) for the Disability Compensation Division’s (DCD) Electronic Case Management System Project (eCMS Project) on August 27, 2018. In April, 2019 DLIR contracted with Accuity LLP to perform IV&V services for the project. Our firm is providing IV&V assistance and training to support Accuity’s mission.

IV&V of California Secretary of State VoteCal Project
Provided IV&V to the California Secretary of State (SOS) implementation of the Help America Voter Act (HAVA). IV&V services for April 2007 until June 2017 assisting in successful implementation of VoteCal in all 58 counties in California

IV&V of California Secretary of State Business Connect Project (CBC)
Provided IV&V to the California Secretary of State (SOS) implementation of the California Business Connect Project from November 2011 to July 2019. This project requires SOS to provided various services to the public of California including Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Trademarks (TM) and multiple Business Entities (BE) services to the public of California. As in most states in the United States the Federal Government defines multiple laws and guidelines on these subprojects. The Business Entities Section of the Secretary of State’s office processes filings, maintains records and provides information to the public relating to business entities (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships and other business filings) which is challenging in most states to ensure compliance.

Independent Project Oversight (IPOC) of CAL-ACCESS Replacement Project (CARS)
The California Automated Lobbyist and Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Search System (CAL-ACCESS) was developed to respond to the objectives of the Online Disclosure Act, added to the PRA by Ch. 866, Stats of 1997. CAL-ACCESS is the public’s window into California’s campaign disclosure and lobbying financial activity, providing financial information supplied by state candidates, donors, lobbyists, lobbyist employers, and others. The CAL-ACCESS Replacement System (CARS) Project will implement a new data driven system replacing the existing forms driven system. As IPOC our responsibilities were to provide services in accordance with Project Oversight Framework defined by the California Department of Technology (CDT).

IV&V California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) CalCannabis Project
The CDFA acquired our firm for independent verification and validation (IV&V) services to participate in the development of business needs, RFO and SOW preparation, evaluation criteria for solutions for two projects, Licensing and Track and Trace, procurement of proposed solutions, and evaluation of the solution(s) for CDFA to meet the new law known as the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. This Project used Accela a COTS Tool and an Agile iterative development methodology where our IV&V Consultants developed the proposed Agile methodology, and our consultants trained state staff on the Agile methodology utilized.

IPOC Training and Mentoring of the California Technology Agency
Our firm provided IPOC Training and Mentoring for CA Department of Technology (CTA). Agency required a consultant with extensive experience on all facets of California state government technology projects to provide training and mentoring services for the Technology Agency staff who perform independent project oversight or review oversight products developed by consultants hired by the department deploying the project. Our specific tasks in support of this engagement included: Development of classes and training on the following Subjects:
1. Reasons why departments/agencies build IT Projects
2. State Project Lifecycle
3. System Development Lifecycle Methodologies including Waterfall, Spiral, Agile and variations
4. Feasibility Study Report (FSR) and all CTA IT Lifecycle products including PIER reporting
5. Business Case for IT Projects
6. Quantifying Cost Using EAW's
7. IEEE Standards – 830-Requirements, 1012-IV&V 730-Quality Assurance, 828-Configuration Management, etc.
8. Developing Unambiguous Requirements
9. Risk and Issue Management
10. Governance Structures that Protect the State
11. How to Create Correct MS Project Schedules
12. Defining Clear Deliverables
13. State Acceptance Process for Vendor Deliverables
14. Stakeholder Management
15. Scope Management
16. Mentoring PPM Staff and assisting in review of oversight products developed by consultants hired by the department deploying projects.

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