We specialize in Independent Verification and Validation, Project Management, Project Management Oversight, Risk and Issue Management in accordance with multiple Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards, International Standards preceded by ISO/IEC/IEEE. Various Bodies of Knowledge (BOK) and Best Practices.
Previous engagements with State and Federal Clients include:
• Independent Verification and Validation
• Project Management
• Project Management Oversight
• Information Technology Strategic Planning
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
• Software Engineering, Programming and Website Development
• Security and Cybersecurity Analysis and Recommendations

I-Cubed Inc. provides IV&V services, which involve responsibilities for independently determining whether development products satisfy the intended use and the user needs when operated in the environment for which they are intended (verification), and whether the products satisfy the specified requirements of the project (validation).

Our members have acquired the following certifications to perform IV&V services on various State projects.


IV&V Associate (IVVA)


IV&V Technical Associate (IVVT)


IV&V Professional (IVVP)


IV&V Leader (IVVL)


IV&V Coach (IVVC)